Bombay School - Our Best Always - Ake Runga - Years 0 to 8

There are many ways that families can support  children and their learning.

Being ready for school, by having a good sleep, breakfast and a hug before leaving in the morning is a great start.

Coming to school dressed for the weather, with the home-folder packed into the bag and with a good full lunchbox and a water bottle is the next step.

Three Major Factors of Parental Involvement in the education of their children

  1. Parents' beliefs about what is important, necessary, and permissible for them to do with and on behalf of their children.
  2. The extent to which parents believe that they can have a positive influence on their children's education.
  3. Parents' perceptions that their children and school want them to be involved.

Families whose children are doing well in school show the following characteristics

  1.  They have an established a daily family routine. ( Dinner. Homework time. Chores. Bedtime. Family Dinner - together.)
  2. Monitor out-of-school activities. ( Setting limits on TV watching/ internet access/ supervised care.)
  3. Model the value of learning, self discipline and hard work. ( Communicating through questioning and conversation - demonstrating that achievement comes through hard work.)
  4. Express high but realistic expectations for achievement.  ( Setting goals and standards that are appropriate for children's age and maturity. Recognising and encouraging special talents, informing friends and family about successes.)
  5. Encourage children's development/ progress in school. ( Maintaining a warm and supportive home, showing interest in children's learning and progress at school. Helping with homework. Discussing the value of a good education. and possible career options. Staying in touch with teachers and school staff.)
  6. Encourage reading, writing and discussion among family members. ( Reading, listening to children read, and talking about what is being read.)




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