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We strongly recommend:

  • Your home network has a filter on it. Never permit the chromebook to access an unfiltered network.

  • Don’t share your network password with your child.

  • Ensure that you control the parental settings on your home network.

  • You do not permit your children to have social media accounts - the risk of cyberbullying and cyberstalking is very real and probable. The school cannot control social media interactions that happen outside of its network. If you permit your child to have a social media account, we strongly recommend that you 

  • Frequently check browsing history. If it’s deleted - that’s a red flag.

Chromebook Use & Recommended Learning Sites

Many of your children now have the use of their own chromebook, some for the first time.  We thought it would be useful to provide some guidelines as to what we use them for at school and what we recommend at home.  We understand that we are navigating a new world with our kids in the digital age and we must stay informed and aware of the amazing opportunities for our kids, as well as the challenges they may face.  We will be working through some learning about digital citizenship with our students at school too.

Chromebook Care

  • All students with personal devices must charge them each evening at home.  Please do not send chargers to school.  Each child needs to bring a set of NAMED headphones (not earbuds) to use with their device.  It is helpful if these remain at school. 

  • Chromebooks MUST be transported to and from school in their cases.

  • No water or food near devices.

  • Regularly wipe the screen with a soft cloth, especially touchscreens!

  • Chromebooks are stored in students tote trays while at school.

  • Always carry chromebooks with two hands and not from the corner of the screen as this can lead to the screen cracking.

We must work together to develop respect and care of this precious equipment in our children.

Chromebooks at Home Recommendations

We strongly recommend that devices are used in a space where adults can see them.  Children are naturally curious and we must protect their innocence where we can, in this fast paced world where access to inappropriate material is at their fingertips.  Mr Petersen recommends contacting your internet provider to install their parental control software. This will allow you to restrict and filter sites.

Commonsense Media is an AMAZING site full of useful tips and advice on safe and sensible use of digital media, including movie ratings etc.  Look in the tab “Advice for Parents” for info and ideas to support you throughout the different stages of your child’s digital learning journey.   There are also educational videos in the ‘For educators’ section which we will be using at school. This is worth a look, when you have some time to spare.  

We recommend that chromebooks are used primarily as a learning device both at home and at school.  While, as teachers, we have access to see what a child is working on at any given time through their Bombay School email (Big Brother is watching), we are not monitoring use at all times. Feel free to tell the children that we can see what they are on if we look, and we could at any time!

We do not recommend any social media apps (except Seesaw) for children at this age.  Email communication should be undertaken with parental/teacher permission.

We also recommend that children are not on chromebooks past 8pm. Children need time to relax and unwind and been on a chromebook late at night is stimulating the brain still which can make it harder to get to sleep once it is bedtime.


Each week, we will send through your child’s homework into their homework folder. We provide links to websites and apps that will develop their typing skills, basic facts knowledge, Maths skills and understandings and their Spelling and Reading skills.

Chromebooks at School

Students will be using their chromebooks for:

-Learning to type

-Word processing skills

-Online learning games

-Research via google and email

-Sharing their learning through Seesaw

-Managing their time and learning.

-Collaborative learning (Students can share docs and work on them at the same time).

We recommend you ask them to show you some of their folders and activities, once we get into the term.  

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Tuhono Team

Super Learning Sites

Many of these will be linked into your child’s homework or they have bookmarked them, however, feel free to have a look yourself to see what is on offer.  If they say their homework is done and they want more chromebook time, recommend a learning site!



  • Reading Eggs.  (Year 3’s only, have a subscription).  If your child is Year 4 and loves this programme, we can join them up at a charge of $25.30 for the year.

  • Storylineonline.  This is a super site where famous people read picture books.  Great for developing vocabulary and hearing exciting language. Quick tip.  For extension, go into settings, and turn on the subtitles.  Then the children can follow the text.

  • Starfall. This is a great site, free, for the early reader.

  • Magic keys. Online stories to read with interactive audio.

  • Storynory. Myths, Legends and Fables for the more confident reader.  Audio is also available for listening and following the text.  Great exposure to names, places and languages from all over the world.


National Geographic for kids  For lovers of the natural world, history and geography.  A kid friendly site with endless info.

DK kids  Super learning site for the inquiring mind!

Kiwi Kids News  A super NZ website with up to date, chid friendly updates from the news.

Dogo News  Worldwide current events.

Reading, Spelling & Maths


Sunshineonline Username:  bbschool  Password:  sunny


Education Multiple online spelling games.

Spelling Training  A child can add in their spelling words and the website generates activities for them to do relating to their words.

Vocabulary Games 


Mathletics  Students all have their own username and password.  Teachers set tasks for students to complete for homework.  

Hit the button To gain fast basic facts recall.

Prototec - A NZ written basic facts practise site.  This is all about developing fast recall.  

NZ maths -  Families and Whanau   Digital Learning Tools  This has a section for online maths games that children can play to reinforce what they have been learning in class. There is also a fabulous whanau section for ideas on supporting maths at home. 

Sumdog - Sumdog You can sign your child up for free and they practice maths skills through interactive games.


Storybird   Students get inspired by amazing images and write their own stories.  Students can sign up for free using their school email.

Storyjumper Students can write their own books.  Students can sign up for free using their school email.

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