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Safety Controls at School

When your child's chromebook comes to school on the first day, we add a piece of management software that controls your child's connections to the internet. All of the school's internet traffic is routed through N4L - Network for Learning. PLEASE NOTE - this does not protect your home network. See the next tab > Safety Controls at Home

What is covered by N4L?

Safe & Secure Internet – what’s included?

Internet connection

We deliver a fast and reliable connection - and make sure that each school can access all the internet they need for online learning.

Web Filtering

Helps protect ākonga online by restricting access to inappropriate content. Filtering can be customised by schools depending on their individual needs.


It acts as a wall between the internet and the school’s network, allowing the good stuff through, and keeping the bad stuff out. The firewall prevents online threats and malicious activity from reaching school systems and devices.

DDoS Protection

Helps to defend the school network when someone deliberately bombards their internet connection causing it to crash (DDoS - Distributed Denial of Service). This is automatically included as part of every school’s connection.

SafeSearch*: This added benefit filters out adult content in search results from Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

*Requires DNS Threat Protection to be in use.

DNS Threat Protection

An additional safety net on top of our Web Filtering and Firewall that automatically enables SafeSearch. Helps to further block unwanted content and minimise the impact of online threats (such as malware, ransomware, phishing scams and VPNs) to a school’s internet connection.

We’ve optimised these services specifically for schools here in Aotearoa, so they’re getting the best tech available to help protect their ākonga online. We make sure they continue to protect against evolving online threats – meaning it’s one less thing for schools to worry about.

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