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How Bombay Derived its Name


In 2015 the pioneers of Bombay, their descendants and current residents are celebrating the 150th Annivers­ary of this now famous settlement. Bombay derived its name from the ship "Bombay", which arrived in Auckland on March 18th, 1865, from the Motherland after an eventful voyage.


There were 400 passengers on board and the journey occupied about four months. When the ship was sailing across the Tasman Sea a terrific storm was encountered off the North coast of New Zealand and the passengers wondered if they would be spared to reach their destination.


During the height of the storm the ship was buffeted fore and aft, and finally the bowsprit carried away, taking the topmast with it and later the mainmast broke off at the deck, taking the mizzen-top with it. A jury mast was rigged, but without a headsail, progress was slow and dangerous. The barque "Constance" (200 tons) of the Circular Saw Line, sighted the old ship and took her in tow and for three days and four nights endeavoured to make progress in calm weather, experienced subsequent to the storm. The towing hawser parted, and the barque de­cided to return to Auckland to obtain a steam boat. Fortunately H.M.S. "Curacoa", on her way to Australia, sighted the "Bombay" soon after, and taking her in tow at 4 p.m. got her to Auck­land by 11 a.m. the next day, all passengers being delighted to reach their destination.


Some of the passengers settled at Onehunga, but the majority went to the locality then known as Williamson's Clearing which they later named Bombay after the ship which brought them safely to a new land.


However, the troubles of the new settlers were far from ended. They had to set about carving out homes for their families in the dense forests which clad the slopes of the hill. Ob­stacles were encountered at every turn, but the spirit to win through prevailed in the end and today posterity is enjoying the results of the labours of famous ancestors.

Extract From Centenary Booklet.
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