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7 February 2019

Principal's Message

Dear parents, caregivers, students and friends of the school. Tena koutou katoa. Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa,

What a wonderful start to the term.  Classes are settling in and getting to know their teachers. Swimming started off and we are definitely grateful for the sunshine.

Scenes from week one

Welcome to new families

We would like to welcome new families to the school.  Our starting roll is 333 students. We have some spaces at the year 5 and 6 level. The rest of the school is full. In due course we will advertise out of zone spaces in year 5/6, if you have any friends with children in that year level who would like them to enrol at our school, please alert them to be on the lookout for this advert in the Franklin County Newspaper next week.  

Meet the teacher

An informal meet the teacher event will take place on 28 February (week 4) between 3-5pm in your child's classroom.  It will be an opportunity for you to meet your child's teacher(s). There are no appointment slots. The classrooms will be open 3-5pm.


We enrolled 56 chromebooks over the past two school days. Now is a good time to share some important tips for managing chromebooks.

Key tips for managing chromebooks (CB).
Install parental control software on your home internet. Talk to your provider.The school installs management software  on every CB to control its use at school.Apart from homework, restrict CB  recreational time to 30mins per day.CB's should be in a family room - never in a bedroom.
Frequently check browsing history. If it's been deleted, then it's time for a conversation and closer monitoring.If you permit social media, ask to be added as a friend and know the password for the accounts.Once a week use a disinfectant wipe to clean the screen and keyboard. They are germ factories!Mrs Weight and Mrs Batters put together some more CB advice. Access it here.
NAME EVERYTHINGLiquids and CB's don't MixDon't allow your child to open a private gMail Account.

House T-Shirts

We are excited to announce that we now have school house T-Shirts for sale.

It is not compulsory to buy this. Many parents requested that we make this available so that students can compete in school events, in their house colours.  It will contribute to build inter house sport culture.  Orders must be received by next Friday 15 February.

Download an order form.
Sizes 02-14 @ $11 each
Sizes  S-3XL @  $12 each
Request a paper copy, here.
State the sizes you need.

Ask the  office to tell you what house your child(ren) is/are in.
Place your order online now.  
Sizes 02-14 @ $11 each
Sizes S-3XL @ $12 each

Please include payment with your order by Cash, Cheque, or Internet Banking to Bombay School.

Road Patrol

What is a KEA crossing?

It has been a two-year process trying to get the crossing installed. After 154 years of Bombay's existence, a crossing has been installed and it is going to take some patience to get everyone used to the idea and expectations.  On Monday, Tuhono and Kotare classes are scheduled to receive training from Constable Andy on how to use the crossing.  

I would like to thank everyone who helped to get this project across the finish line.  We received the lollipops late Tuesday afternoon.  Over 30 students indicated that they are keen to be on our road patrol team. I would like to give everyone a shot at this.  We will start with training for a small team today and then roll out training for the rest.  We will also talk to our students about how to use the crossing. You could also help by reinforcing the following:

  1. Everyone is to use the crossing. We are modelling desired behaviours. Please don't cross your child by yourself when the road patrol is on duty.
  2. Respect the instructions of our road patrol leaders. 
  3. Wait for the 'cross now' command before crossing. Don't walk out immediately after the lollipops are extended. The road patrol leaders will wait to see that approaching traffic is slowing down before asking students to 'cross now'.
  4. Teachers who are on duty need to focus on safety and the risks that are present.  Please save extended conversations that demand their undivided attention for another time. Pleasantries are of course welcome.
Our first group of patrollers in training.Road Patrol Training Video - it would be good to watch this video with your child. It will help them understand how the crossing operates.

Walking School Bus 

The walking school bus will start up again next week, from Lawrence Carter Drive. Contact Wendy Powell for more information: 021 183 9483 

What is a Walking School Bus?

A Walking School Bus is similar to a normal school bus except children walk to and/or from school along a designated route, under the supervision of adult volunteers (often parents), who act as the Walking School Bus driver.

Walking School Buses reduce the number of cars on the road, making our environment safer and cleaner, and they provide exercise for children in a fun and social way.

Graze Food: School Lunches.

Paula informed us on Tuesday that she needs to stop Graze lunch service for the foreseeable future due to her house being placed on the market. It will take a while before she is able to set up a kitchen with the necessary licensing etc.  Henceforth there will be no school lunches  until further notice. We will look into the available options over the next few weeks.

Reminders: Swimming, Hats. Sunblock

Please check the swimming timetable to see when your child will be swimming. Please pack their togs, towel and goggles for those sessions.  

It's very hot at the moment. Sun hats are compulsory. No hat - no unsheltered play. Please apply sunblock before coming to school.

Tyre seat project

Over the December break we did a very amateurish job of recovering damaged Kakahu stools. We would like to maintain our school's standards in the face of tight budgets.  So we need to be creative about what we spend our precious Ops grant on.  Mrs Batters has proposed a new project that we would like to embark on, with your help.  (See video) If you have clean used car tyres to donate to the school - we would be keen to take them off your hands.  We need 8 to start with.  If our tyre seat project is successful, we will appeal for more tyres.

To avoid us being deluged by hundreds of tyres, please email

Mrs Batters will let you know if we need your tyres or if we have enough at present. Thank you.

Fantastic  News
Stork Number 1 has arrived.

We would like to congratulate Doriane and Adrian on the birth of their daughter, Danae.

She was born at 5.30pm, at home, on Tuesday.
Mum and baby are doing well.

May the years ahead, for Danae, be filled with blessings, good health and prosperity.

Meet Danae   


Dear parents, if you are new to the school, you may not be aware of the school's Seesaw App.
Seesaw is a marvellous tool that allows parents to 
get a greater insight into what happens at school. Rather than waiting for a parent/ teacher meeting or the June and December report to gain insight into what is happening, you can get closer to real-time information.

If you don't have access, please email your child's teacher to ask for more information on how to access Seesaw.

As we get ready for week two, I'd like to thank everyone for their continued commitment to the school.   We are looking forward to another year of fantastic student achievement.  Teachers and principals have not settled their collective agreements and therein lies the potential for difficulty ahead.  I am however confident that we can rely on our strong relationships and partnership to ensure the best year for our teachers and students.

Kind regards,


News from the Green Team

Special Appeal







LIANE ON 021 2116423

WE LIVE AT 11 FARR ROAD BOMBAY.  He is a black/grey tabby with a black spot on his nose.  He is greatly missed by his family

Lost Jacket  - please send to the office if found. Details below

Lost since end of last year. Bombay school layer jacket named Dickinson. Also has a pale blue ribbon attached to tag.

Trustee Election Corner
Video : Becoming a School TrusteeOur elections will take place on Friday 7 June 2019 .
The board has appointed Heidi Hewes as the Returning Officer.
More Information
Message for Bombay Netball - 2019

To register for the Bombay 2019 Netball Season please click on the following link 2019-Online-Registration-Form or go to the Bombay Netball website at

Registrations close 7th Feb 2019
Trial dates are as follows:
  • Senior  -     Monday 11th Feb & Wednesday 13th Feb.  6pm - 8pm Pukekohe Netball                        
  • Intermediate -  Tuesday 19th Feb & Wednesday 20th Feb.  5pm - 6.30pm Bombay School                   
  • Junior   -    Tuesday 19th Feb & Wednesday 20th Feb.  3.30pm - 5pm Bombay School                
  • Future Ferns - Uniform sizing only, Tuesday 19th Feb anytime between 3.15pm - 5pm
Any queries please contact:Future Fern Co-ordinator (Year 3 & 4) - Karyn Madill bombaymadills@outlook.comJunior Club Captain (Year 5-8) - Ruth Bodley  or Sarah Mataroa  sarahm.personaltraining@gmail.comSenior Club Caption (Year 9 and up) - Jo Tilyard


Community Notices Follows

Bombay Netball 2019

To register for the Bombay 2019 Netball Season please click on the following link 
2019-Online-Registration-Form or go to the Bombay Netball website at: 

Numbers are limited so please get in early. Registrations close 7th Feb 2019, and this will come around really quickly now that the Christmas/Summer fun has started!
Trial dates will be advised as soon as possible but will be in February.

Any queries please contact:
Future Fern Co-ordinator (Year 3 & 4) 
Junior Club Captain (Year 5-8) 
Ruth Bodley 
 or Sarah Mataroa 
Senior Club Caption (Year 9 and up) 
Jo Tilyard

35 Paparata Road, Bombay 2675
P 09 236 1012 | F 09 236 0458 | E

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