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Principal's Message

Welcome back, everyone.  We trust that everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday and that you are recharged  for 2019 which is going to be a school year filled with tremendous opportunities and promise.

Thank you

I'd like to thank Doug Crook, Michelle Mouselimis and Linda Watson for their hard work in getting the school cleaned and ready to open.  They care about our place and they put their heart into their roles, often going above and beyond. I saw them installing equipment, painting skirtings, water blasting, polishing and scrubbing to name a few.  Thank you, team.

Heidi came in and worked her magic on the gardens despite the heat wave we've had.  Thank you, Heidi, our place is looking spiffy.  Thank you Miles Crook who also cleaned up around the school. We couldn't pay him for his time and I feel incredibly guilty. He did it to support his dad and because he too is vested in our place. You've paid it forward Miles - thank you.  Lorraine worked to get the admin systems set up for 2019.  It takes a tremendous amount of work to set up for a successful school year. Thank you, Lorraine.   

We are also deeply grateful for the tremendous work our Board Chair, Matt Bagley, does to support our I.T. and software systems at school. Matt does this work for free. It would normally cost the school $16k per year to outsource this highly skilled work.  

I would also like to thank our staff who have been back as various points to set up their classrooms and to support teachers to get ready by making resources.  We have had two days of professional development, focusing on administration, our annual plan, our data, mindfulness and spelling.  The team constructed a word cloud which shows their feelings, goals and professional focus for 2019. I've shared that with you. As you can see from it, our team is energised, excited and ready to collaborate. Bring on 2019!

The Budget is VERY Tight

 The Bombay Community, in which I include our school staff, work incredibly hard to offer the best experiences that we can afford for our children.  Every year this task becomes more challenging as costs rise and our budget gets squeezed.  This year is going to be very tough as we struggle to cover our costs.  We've looked at all possible areas to trim our costs.  Over the holidays we changed to LED lighting in many of our classrooms in the hope that this will have a significant impact on our power bill.

We've trimmed our professional development budgets, our curriculum expenses and our capital purchases.  The only areas we have not trimmed are our salary and maintenance costs.  This is where we will turn to our community of parents and ask that everyone please consider paying the donation we are asking for.  You could split the donation over several payments to reduce the impact on your budget at this time of the year. A decile 9 school like ours relies on this income in order to maintain the quality of what we offer. We don't have class sizes of 36-38. We don't stop our teachers from running their aircon on hot days. We keep our swimming pool running despite not getting funding from the Ministry for this.  Many other schools in Franklin are not as fortunate. They've closed their pools, laid off staff and increased their classes sizes.  On Monday the eldest child in every family will come home with a donations and fees advice slip.

The Drop-off bay.

Something had to be done.  The police and Auckland transport conducted a traffic condition assessment and the results were pretty horrendous.  Speeding cars and inconsiderate driving and illegal parking were the key issues.  After community consultation and input from roading engineers, Auckland Transport has installed a KEA crossing and closed our drop off bay.  Refer to the photo below for further information about traffic management.  Please arrive at school between 8.15 to 8.50am, Afternoon pickups are best-done 2.45-3.05pm.

What is a KEA crossing?


Please ensure that your child is wearing a school uniform.  School shoes are predominantly black shoes.  Sports trainers are to be worn during sports activities - they are not to replace school shoes. Sun hats are compulsory this term. No hat - no outdoor play.  Drink bottles are compulsory. (Water only please).  Please apply sunblock at home before coming to school.

Uniform Information:

The Bombay School Uniform Room (located in school office) will be open again 8-9am Friday 1 February for new uniform pick-ups. New uniform orders may be placed but may not be ready before school starts on Monday 4 February 2019. Orders can also be emailed to school office – order form downloaded from school website is preferred.

Bombay Babies due for delivery

Our good wishes and warm fuzzy feelings accompany Doriane Raman and Victoria Muir who are in the final trimester of their pregnancies. We look forward to meeting the new arrivals.


Please check the swimming timetable to see when your child will be swimming. Please pack their togs, towel and goggles for those sessions.

Quick Links

Letter to Room 9 Parents 
Letter to Room 10 Parents
Letter to Room 11 Parents
Camp Fees
We are one of the fortunate schools where year 4-8 students get to experience a camp every year.  These camps are becoming increasingly costly.  To help with your budgeting you are welcome to set up a weekly payment towards your camp fees. That way you won't get a shock when the bill arrives. Please contact Lorraine to set this up. 
Trustee Election Corner
We will use this portion of the newsletter to provide you with information about this year's Trustee Elections.
Our elections will take place on Friday 7 June 2019 .
The board has appointed Heidi Hewes as the Returning Officer.
More Information 

The office reopens at 8am on 4 February 2019.

Enrolling on 4 February 2019? 

Email to make an appointment. (Day one will be very busy.)

Please bring the following with you to your appointment:
  1. Your child's birth certificate or passport.
  2. Immunisation Certificate - in well child book
  3. Proof of address e.g. 2 Utility bills in your name, showing your address.
  4. Latest school Report

Classes for 2019
Kotare Year 0 - 2Tuhono Year 3 - 4 Kotuitui Year 5 - 6 Kakahu Year 7-8
Room 4 - empty T1Room 8 Composite yr2/3
Miss Lemon
Room 1a.Miss  KayPiwakawaka
Mr Oliphant
Room 5 - Mrs JonesRoom 9 Composite 3/4
Miss Goldstone
Room 1 Miss TaylorKereru
Mrs Yorwarth
Room 6 - Mrs Cameron
& Mrs Burford
Room 10 Composite 3/4
Mrs Wang
Room 2 Mrs ConradieKotuku
Miss Melville
Room 7 - Miss Dones
& Mrs Burford
Room 11 Composite 3/4
Mrs Batters & Mrs Weight
Room 3 Mrs HughesGroups
Miss Mulligan
Room 8  Composite
yr 2/3
Miss Lemon

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Community Notices Follows

Bombay Netball 2019

To register for the Bombay 2019 Netball Season please click on the following link 
2019-Online-Registration-Form or go to the Bombay Netball website at: 

Numbers are limited so please get in early. Registrations close 7th Feb 2019, and this will come around really quickly now that the Christmas/Summer fun has started!
Trial dates will be advised as soon as possible but will be in February.

Any queries please contact:
Future Fern Co-ordinator (Year 3 & 4) 
Junior Club Captain (Year 5-8) 
Ruth Bodley 
 or Sarah Mataroa 
Senior Club Caption (Year 9 and up) 
Jo Tilyard

35 Paparata Road, Bombay 2675
P 09 236 1012 | F 09 236 0458 | E

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