Bombay School - Our Best Always - Ake Runga - Years 0 to 8

Food Technology

Students learn the importance of safety and hygiene while building on practical skills to make a range of meals that they can prepare for their families at home.  They research, design and produce and evaluate meals. Through this, they gain an understanding of the different types of food within our multicultural world.

Student Kitchen Workstation

Digital Design

Students use a range of digital technology to create products using CAD software and 3-D printers. They are introduced to inputs, outputs and control mechanisms through computer coding and robotics.

3-D Laser Cutter


Students use vector illustration tools in conjunction with industry grade laser cutting machinery to produce high-quality outcomes using a range of materials.  They also have the chance to learn and utilise coding fundamentals as they develop their own video game.

CAD -WorkstationBandsaws

3D Printers

Hard Materials

In Year 7 students are challenged to make a piece fo pewter jewellery and in Year 8 students have the opportunity to create a multifunctional holder. Throughout this time students learn how to safely use a scroll saw, drill, hammer and sander. They learn the value of finishing with quality sanding and accurate painting application.

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