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This policy has been introduced by the Board of Trustees after a period of non-compulsory school clothing being made available to students.

The Board also wishes to make students who attend Bombay School easily identifiable which can be a safety issue when travelling to and from school and on school trips.

PURPOSE To make school clothing compulsory so that pupils:

 Develop a sense of pride and belonging

 Are easily identified as attending Bombay School

 To remove ‘competition’ in standards of dress. GUIDELINES To achieve this purpose, this policy will take effect from the start of the 2009 School Year – 4 February 2009.

1. The Board expects all pupils to wear the designated school uniform.

2. The uniform is worn all year round; there is no summer or winter uniform. Children wear the parts of the uniform they need, depending on the weather and how cold they are.

3. The Board shall endeavour to ensure the uniform is attractive, practicable and affordable to parents. \

4. The School Uniform shall consist of the following items and any combination may be worn:

 Grey marle full monogrammed polo shirt

 Grey marle full monogrammed long-sleeve tee

 Black open hem full monogrammed vest

 Black/gold/silver ½ zip full monogrammed polar fleece

 Black cargo shorts – ‘Bombay School’ only

 Black cargo pants – ‘Bombay School’ only

 Black skort – ‘Bombay School’ only

 Black ¾ cargo pants – ‘Bombay School’ only

 Black track pants – ‘Bombay School’ only

 Girls white blouse – ‘Bombay Ship’ only

 Girls black karleen pants

 Black bucket hat – compulsory for Terms 1 & 4 Yr 7 & 8 black/gold Bombay Cap – both with full monogram

 Black beanie – ‘Bombay School’ only

 Black rain jacket – full monogram

 Footwear – is a personal choice but should be suitable for the activities encountered at school and must be black, or mostly black if a sports shoe. Platform-soled shoes are not acceptable. Recommended black leather shoes/sandals.

 No jandals or scuffs please.

 Sox – plain grey, white or black. Recommend ankle length.

 (The grey marle long-sleeve tee is the only long-sleeve garment permitted to show under the grey marle polo. Undergarments which are not black, grey or white must not show when wearing the school uniform. Plain black leggings may be worn under the skort).

 Hair ties/ribbons/bands – must be simple, and grey, white or black. 5. Second hand uniforms are also available. 6. If a student is not in a school uniform, parents are asked to advise the Principal explaining the reason. Each request will be treated on a case by case basis. 7. If a student is consistently out of uniform, appropriate procedures will be upheld. 8. The Principal is available to discuss the Uniform Policy with parents and caregivers.

The Principal has the discretion to deal with these problems on an individual basis or refer them to the Board for discussion.

REVIEW Draft: Barrie Duckworth Adopted October 2008 Reviewed June 2016


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