Bombay School - Our Best Always - Ake Runga - Years 0 to 8

We are proud to be a community run school.  This is evident in the strong relationships that exist between parents, students, teachers and the school community at large.

The key to the success of these relationships is positive communication.  We pride ourselves on having an open and welcoming school.  Parents are free at anytime to make an appointment to meet with a teacher at a mutually convenient time.  We encourage parents to do this - don't wait for parent/ teacher interviews. They are minimum meeting requirements. We encourage regular contact.

If you would like to send a compliment - please make contact with your child's teacher/ staff member. Compliments are gratefully received and go a long way toward building good relationships.

If a concern arises for you, the best time to deal with it, is to raise it sooner rather than later.

School is a people centred endeavour. Concerns will arise. When they do, it is important for the parties to work together to reach an acceptable solution.

We would appreciate hearing about your concerns so that they can be dealt with early and effectively.  We ask that you raise your concerns with us directly and not with other parents or heaven forbid on Facebook! That is counter-productive.

Raising a concern

  1. If your concern is about your child - your first contact should be your child's teacher.
  2. If the issue remains unresolved, please contact the relevant Team Manager.
  3. The team manager will work constructively to resolve the issue. The Team Manager will also brief either the Deputy Principal or Assistant Principal.  If this does not resolve the issue, only then should the principal become involved.
  4. The principal will make every attempt to resolve concerns in an impartial manner. In the unlikely event that the principal cannot resolve the situation, you may be asked to place the concern in writing for the Board to consider.  The board does not consider verbal complaints nor complaints which have not gone via the principal first.
  5. It can be upsetting for a teacher to have a complaint laid against them, but be assured that the school handles such matters in a sensitive and supportive manner for all concerned.  We strive to uphold everyone's rights and ask that you do the same.  We ask that you do not discuss your complaint with other parents as this is not fair.
  6. If your concern is against the principal and this has not be resolved after discussing it with the principal, we encourage you to write to the board chair - who will then investigate your concerns.
  7. The board deals with all concerns in a way that is fair and reasonable and in as timely as is practicable.  The board is guided by law, school policy, natural justice principles and school procedures.

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