Bombay School - Our Best Always - Ake Runga - Years 0 to 8

How the school selects school leaders. This process begins the year before the announcement.

Teachers begin looking at how prospective leaders contribute to school life. They consider how proactive students are and how often they show their initiative. Contexts for this could be assemblies, mini gala's and calf club. 

Other criteria include, but is not limited to :

  •  on task behaviour
  •  personal responsibility
  •  school wide behaviour
  •  track record
  • decorum
  • pride in the uniform
  • manners
  • relating to others
  • participation and contribution
  •  consistency
  • "stickability"
  •  resilience
  • the concept of others before self
  •  reliability
  • ability to self regulate.


Toward the end of the year, the out going leaders are asked for their input. 

Their vote is noted and it informs the decision that will be made by the end of term 1 the following year.  

Then at the start of the year teachers begin weekly recordings of student's contributions to the running of the school.  


Students are closely observed and their contributions and participation in school events is noted and discussed. 

The principal also notes which students use their initiative and which students take the opportunities to serve others at school.  

All senior school students are then asked to vote on their picks of student leader. 

This vote informs the decision making process. 

Then senior teachers meet and collate their data and shortlist candidates. 

This list is then taken to the full staff who are asked for their input as many of the teachers would have taught the seniors at some point and will be able to attest to their leadership ability and potential. 


Following that staff meeting the Assistant Principal and the Principal whittle the shortlist down to the final list, taking into account all data and gender representation.


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