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Where will the student be living while studying at Bombay School.

Does the student have any friends that they would like to have placed in the same class as them?

Who will the student be living with? State the person(s) names and relationship to the student. e.g. Yating Yang - mother.

When will the student begin his/ her studies with our school?

Enter the date of the last day that the student will study at our school?

Parents/ Next of Kin :HOME country contact details.

Please enter the full home address details for the student's parents. This is your HOME COUNTRY address - not your New Zealand address. Thank you.

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NZ Emergency Contact Details (Other than the parents).

Please provide full contact details for a New Zeland emergency contact. Full Name. Address. Phone Number and email address.

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Please enter the full name and contact number for your NZ doctor? If you do not have a doctor - please enter NIL. We will take your child to the most appropriate medical provider, should the need arise.

Please use this textbox to provide all medical information about the student. List their needs and any medication and instructions for the administration of medication here.


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