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Chromebooks for Year 2/3 for 2021

Chromebooks are not compulsory at year 2 and year 3. However our teachers use them extensively and get children 'going' early on digital devices - as one of many tools for learning.

It would be a distinct advantage for your child to have his/ her own chromebook if they are in a year 3 class or if they are in a year 2/ 3 composite class.

The school will provide 8 chromebooks per year 2 and 3 class for those who do not have their own device.

These will be shared devices and cannot be taken home. Hence the advantage in owning your own device.

Because there is fear that young children will not be able to look after their devices, you could consider buying a second hand device. Bear in mind that chromebooks have a life expectancy of 3-4 years.  You would know your child best. Some children are very good at looking after their possessions and others are still learning. 

We recommend that you buy a set of headphones with a band. We also recommend that you buy a strong protective bag/ case for the chromebook.

Please note that devices must be charged at home and that chargers should never be sent to school because of the high risk of them getting misplaced.

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