Bombay School - Our Best Always - Ake Runga - Years 0 to 8



To provide a learning environment which will encourage our children to achieve their best always.


We want our students to be:

Self- motivated learners with effective interpersonal skills, able to achieve to their potential using competent literacy, numeracy  and other curriculum knowledge.


The Staff, Board of Trustees and the Community of Bombay School welcome you and your family to the Bombay School Community.


We hope your time involved with our school will be worthwhile and rewarding.

Our school is part of the Bombay district. It is specifically designed for the education of children, who are to attend for 197 days each year. We are also keen to involve the community, our parents and organisations. Our goal is to be a community hub.


The school community demonstrates pride in its school and offers great support for its many activities. The Bombay community has high expectations of the school, and close involvement is encouraged.  Please consider attending Home and School meetings.

Whilst special functions such as sports days, assemblies and concerts are organised for sharing together, every day parents have the opportunity to contact the school and should feel at ease in doing so.


The staff believes that close contact and co-operation between home and school is vital for effective growth, and welcome parental contact and assistance with class work, sporting and cultural activities.

We work to make the school effective in its dealings, exercising our professional judgement to be helpful, diplomatic and tactful.


Bombay is a full Primary School catering for Years 1 - 8. There is a teaching staff of eighteen teachers and fifteen classrooms. The roll varies between approximately 330 and 385 pupils. This booklet is designed to be informative in content to help make communication between home and school effective.      


1 To maintain consistently high standards in all learning.

2 To cater for the creative talents of all children in all fields

3 To foster and encourage full participation and enjoyment in physical activities

4 To develop a pleasant, caring and interesting school and classroom

5 To encourage caring and harmonious relationships between pupils, staff and parents, with open communication between all

6 To foster tolerance and maintain high standards of social behaviour and discipline, regardless of race, creed or gender 

7 To recognise and cater for all children's specific needs

8 To encourage parental support in the day to day activities and events of the school.



School starts at 8.50am and closes at 2.50pm. 

10am - Snack Break 

Morning interval is from 11:00 am until 11:20am.

Lunch interval is from 12.50pm until 1.50pm. 

School Closes at 2.50 pm 

Bells are rung at these times.

Parents are asked to ensure that their students do not arrive at school before 8.15 am. Students who arrive before 8.15 am could be enrolled in our contracted before school care service (KAS) for a fee. 

On occasions when students do arrive before 8.05am, they must not enter classrooms. They are to wait under the canopy in the Kotuitui area (behind room 1-3). After the first bus arrives, they are to stay under the canopy until 8.15 when the playgound is supervised. At 8.15am students can then play in the playground. Classrooms open at 8.30am.


‘Kids After School’ (KAS) is contracted to provide before and after school care in the school hall, and holiday care at other local schools. To ensure the safety of our five-year-olds they are collected from their classroom at 2.50pm by KAS staff.

An information brochure is available from the school office, or go to


The Ministry of Education is responsible for our bus service and Murphy buses are contracted to provide the buses for our school. We have  three buses that transport our students to and from school. The first two buses (F3 & F10) are for Bombay School students only (these depart school at 3.00 pm), but the other one (F1), which departs school at about 3.45 pm each day, transports High School and Intermediate School students as well.

Bus F3 (which leaves the school at approximately 3:10 pm) travels into Pukekohe, and fee paying students may travel on this bus – the drop off and pick up for children in Pukekohe is the Bus Terminal in Roulston Avenue. 

Teachers and bus monitors complete bus list checks on all students. The bus driver is in charge of the students on the bus and school leaders have responsibility to assist. Parents are asked to ensure that their children know if alternative travel arrangements are being made, so that the bus monitors can be informed. Please contact the office if you need to change your arrangements. The same standard of sensible, responsible behaviour is expected on the bus as is expected at school. Continued misbehaviour on the bus may result in loss of the privilege of using bus transport.

Enquiries about buses should be directed to the Principal.


The school uses the Rugby Club carpark, opposite the school, for drop offs and pick ups.  In 2020 we will be trialling a Kiss 'n Go zone in that carpark.  


Parents are informed through the newsletter about class tips, camps, sporting events etc.  You may also recieve emails from your child's classroom/ base teacher.  The school also communicates via Seesaw and the school App.  Permission is essential - No slip, No trip. Parent transport must comply with the school’s Transport Safety Policy e.g current WOF and REGO, licensed driver, students safely restrained etc.  All parent camp helpers must be vetted. This could take 30-40 days. It would be wise to fill in a police vet form when you enrol your child. Vets last for 3 years and cost $10 to process.


Communication between parents and the school is very important. Every Thursday a newsletter is issued via email, the school website and the App. This (newsletter) is the official communication tool for the school. It is expected and assumed that parents will read the newsletter on a Thursday. The newsletter may include: class notices, school events, Board of Trustee information, student successes, community notices, embedded forms and videos etc.

Please inform the school of your email address and current telephone number. All email addresses and telephone numbers are protected by the Privacy Act. It is very important to let the school office know if you have changed telephone numbers, an email address or a street address in case of an emergency. Parents with smart phones are asked to download the school App from the playstore or itunes. During a major emergency, we will contact parents via the App.


Please telephone (09 2361012), email, send a message via another child, send a notification through the Website or through the Bombay School App before 8.50pm stating why your child is going to be absent. The school office staff will notify parents who have not contacted the school to report an absentee. If your child is late for school they must report to the office before going to class.

If your child has to leave school for any reason the school must have written parental consent or parents must report to the office.

If you are taking your children out of school for more than three days for family holidays or overseas travel you must advise the principal in writing for the purpose of Ministry of Education roll audits.


Students may use the school phone for urgent or important messages with permission from their classroom teacher, the secretary, receptionist, or the principal. Urgent or important messages from parents will be passed to students from the office.


Students must wear the correct uniform to school everyday with each garment labelled. Hats must be worn in Term 1 and 4. Year 7 and Year 8 students may wear school caps.

From time to time we have mufti days to raise funds for charities or school events.

Items of school uniform can be purchased by ordering at the school office or at the Uniform Room on Mondays between 5.15 - 6.15 pm. Extra times and dates to make purchases will be advertised in the school newsletter.

Lost property is retained in the hall until the end of each term. It is then taken to the recycling.

Students are not to bring to school: toys, jewellery, or mobile phones. If a mobile phone has to be brought to school in exceptional circumstances it must be left with the office staff before school and picked up after school. The school will not accept liability for loss or damage to any personal property howsoever caused.

All money for school purchases should be enclosed in an envelope with the student’s name, room number, and labelled as to what it is for.


A school donation is made on a voluntary basis. All students benefit from the school donation system as it enables the purchasing of extra resources that have been identified to improve learning. An account is sent out at the beginning of the school year and is usually paid in February or on student enrolment. Payments can be made throughout the year or as a one off by cheque, EFTPOS, and internet banking. Receipts will be provided for income tax rebates. School Fees for non curricular activities, which include camps & shows, must be paid by the due date. 



Students at certain class levels are required to work on a personal device. Refer to the website for purchasing details. At the start of the year, all stationery can be purchased online (see our website) and the school receives a commission. All orders are made during the school holidays and are delivered to the student’s home. Students bring their stationery on the first day of school. Replacement stationery can be purchased throughout the year from the school office.  Students must bring money and/or request forms with them for these purchases. Junior School children will be given request forms listing requirements and costs.



Our photographs are taken by Photolife Studios Ltd. Parents are informed of the date the photos are to be taken. Class and individual photographs are taken annually. A pre-order/payment system for the photos is used.


The school has an Enrolment Policy and Enrolment Scheme. 

Evidence is required of proof of residential address for all enrolments. Families who live inside the school’s enrolment 'home' zone have full entitlement to attend our school. Families who live outside the home zone will have to go through a ballot process. Pre-enrolments from out-of-zone students are sought in October each year, and applicants will know the result of the ballot by the end of October. 

At present we have a Pre-Enrolment Policy for identified pre-schoolers.

When a new pupil begins at school we require the following details:

The child's full name, address, parent’s or caregiver's name, telephone number. These details will be entered on the school's computer file. We are also required to hold a copy of a birth certificate or some other official document as acceptable evidence of the child's date of birth. Children cannot be enrolled before their fifth birthday at Bombay School. We do not do cohort entry.  A copy of the child's immunisation certificate is also required to be photocopied - it is helpful if parents bring in their child's Well Child (Plunket) book as that has all the information that we need.

To assist parents, an email is sent which contains hyperlinks to all the information that new parents to the school would want to have.



Parents of four-year-old children about to enter school have the opportunity to join in orientation visits prior to starting school. Initial contact will be by the school to known families who are on our projected roll.  Dates will be set at that time.

These orientation visits will consist of five consecutive morning visits. On the first visit, parents have the opportunity to stay with their child. Children may stay without a parent after their first visit.

At the first visit, parents will receive a stationery list (if your child starts after Term Two or if you have not ordered it through our website link. Enrolment procedures are also completed with the Principal at this visit. Evidence must be provided to prove that the residential address is within the home zone for Bombay School, i.e. power account or rates demand. We also require a copy of the birth certificate for Enrol records and your child’s immunisation certificate (from the Well Child book). Note - We are not able to enrol overseas students.


The Home and School Committee is made up of parents who support the school in a variety of ways e.g organising and running school events, fundraising, and providing parent information evenings. Meeting are held in the staffroom. Go to the school calendar for meeting dates.

There are other ways to support our school e.g putting books away in the Junior Reading Room, transporting students to sporting events, camps, class trips.

Student Health Services, Promoting Student Health

The Public Health Nurse

A Public Health nurse is available for student and parent support. Referrals are made through the school.

Hearing and Vision  

Nurses check students twice a year and if a problem is identified, they send a referral home with the student.

Dental Therapists

Dental therapists come to the school regularly and assess students. Parents are advised if students need further treatment at the Pukekohe Intermediate Clinic. Ph 2371070

First Aid

The school secretary and receptionist hold current first aid certificates and have the responsibility of overseeing the Accident Register. In the case of serious accident or illness at school, the correct procedures will be followed. Parents will be informed. The sick bay is for students who are injured or are ill during the day. Parents can notify the school for the secretary or receptionist to oversee medications that are to be taken by the student during the day.

Water Only Policy

Our school is a water only school. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle each day and to drink our specially filtered water.


We are a health promoting school and we encourage students to eat a healthy diet. Parents may order Friday lunches online from our lunch provider Syndicates also carry out fundraising lunch orders to help raise funds for school camps. Order forms are sent home with the newsletter.


If parents have a concern, their first point of contact must be their child’s teacher. Students sometimes share things with their parents that the class teacher is not aware of.  If a teacher cannot resolve an issue, the team leader will usually become involved.  The Deputy Principal and Principal only become involved if matters are not resolved by a team leader.


The amount of homework given will vary depending on the age of the child. Any homework is done to reinforce what has been taught at school. As parents, you may like to help with homework by encouraging or showing an interest in your child’s school activities. Teachers send home a "Homework Brief" at the start of the year to assist parents in ways to help their children.


Our school pool is solar-heated and due to pool testing requirements, the pool is closed over the holiday periods. We have a teaching timetable which means some classes don’t swim every day.  Year 7 and Year 8 students visit the Recreation Centre pool prior to our swimming sports.


Approximately twice a term, students are supplied with an illustrated list of Scholastic books to order at a reduced price.  The requirements are marked on the order form which is returned to the school office with payment by an advertised date. Cheques must be made out to Scholastic NZ. The books take about three weeks to arrive.


Our school has a strong commitment to Education outside the Classroom. Part of this programme involves school camps. Camps are elective. They are NOT part of the core curriculum. Camps are provided on a user pays basis. Camp fees must be settle 14 days prior to the camp. In the case of a camp involving booking a flight, refunds will not be given if a child cannot attend.

Year 1-3 Outdoor Education Week Term 1

Year 3 Sleep Over Term 1

Rms 1, 2, & 3   Outdoor Camps

Rms 12 13   Outdoor Camps

Year 7 - 8          Outdoor Camps or Urban Camp

Go to school calendar for dates and destinations.


School assemblies are held fortnightly on Tuesdays at 1.50pm. Awards assemblies are held in the school hall once a term on the last Tuesday of the term at 1.45pm. Parents are welcome to attend Awards assemblies. Syndicates meet for assemblies on a regular basis.



All students complete a diagnostic reading test on their sixth birthday to assess their reading ability and associated skills. Some students will be identified  to receive one-to-one teaching in the  Reading Recovery programme which operates at school. This programme is funded by the Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees. The programme can cater for a limited number of children at one time and involves intensive one-to-one teaching daily for approximately 15 to 20 weeks. The high success rate enables the students to return to their normal classroom programme and make satisfactory progress.


Teachers identify students who need support in their behaviour or their learning. Teaching programmes or behaviour programmes are put in place to assist these students. The Special Needs Co-ordinator is responsible for supporting teachers to implement student support programmes, timetabling teacher-aide support, and applying for external help for students.

Students with English as a second language (ESOL) are funded by the Ministry of Education to receive extra support in their learning if they meet the criteria. A teacher-aide implements special programmes for these students that are developed by the Special Needs Co-ordinator.  


We offer second language learning at Year 7 and Year 8 in French and German. Aspects of Maori Language (Te Reo) are taught at all levels and incorporated into all curriculum areas.


Year 7 and Year 8 students are transported by bus to Rosehill School on Wednesday. Students cover Food and Materials Technology. Fees are set annually by the BOT at Rosehill.  Bombay's BOT pays $15.00 per child for administration and plant maintenance. Parents pay an annual fee to cover the costs of all materials used.

Current fees are on the school website for both Yr7 and Yr8. These fees are invoiced in February with school fees and should be paid by the end of the first term.

TRAINEE TEACHERS (PRT = Provisionally Registered Teachers)

We have teachers who are trained to provide training for student teachers from Auckland and Waikato Universities. We support these student teachers to function as professional colleagues during their training and our students treat them with respect.


We expect all students at Bombay School to think about the consequences of their actions before they act. If they do this, many incidents will be avoided

Remember, at all times - PLAY FAIR - DON’T GET UGLY

PERSONAL SAFETY - Take responsibility for yourself

• NO - bullying, fighting, offensive language or swearing, spitting i.e. Physical or Verbal abuse.

• Stand up for yourself and your friends, so that you are not led into breaking rules.

• Respect other people’s opinions, even though you may not agree

• Always ask permission before you borrow something from someone else - NEVER go into anyone else’s bag or desk without their permission.

• No Jewellery at school except watches and stud earrings.

• Don't bring toys to school, they may get stolen or broken.

• Treat others and their property as you would like to be treated.

• Mobile Phones and other electronic games are not permitted at school. There are occassions where parents want their children to have a phone for communication outside of school hours, for example when travelling home. In all instances, where a phone or any other high value item ( over $10) is brought to school, the parents assume full responsibility for it and for how their children use it. The school accepts no liability for loss, damage, theft or misuse - however it is caused. 

• We allow tree climbing to twice your height. Tree climbing is restricted to Term 1 and 4.

• Don’t go into ‘out of bounds’ areas.

• Respect the school’s property and gardens.

• Use the rubbish bins - Don’t litter. Reduce plastic wrappers in your lunch items.

• Return all sports equipment to the PhysEd shed when you have finished with it.

• Animals are not permitted in the school grounds, except on ‘special’ occasions.

• Don’t go outside the school boundaries during school hours without permission from your teacher.

• Always walk around corners of buildings, and only walk inside classrooms.

• Take your hat off when you enter a classroom. Remember hats must be worn in term 1 and term 4. No hat = no play and repeated violations will result in students having to write the creed of the hat.

• Stay out of Rooms at playtime and lunchtime unless your name is on the board.

• Lunch eating is inside rooms, from 12.30 - 12.45 pm. Your classroom teacher will dismiss you when the bell rings at 12.45 or when you have finished eating.

• Sweets, lollies, chewing gum etc are not permitted except on ‘special’ days.

• Don’t skid on the wooden decks outside rooms when it is wet.

• Wet Days - sign means the fields are closed.

- rain bell - 2 rings - move inside quickly.

• If you are absent from school, make sure your parents inform the school.

• Buses: Please check with the office before you take home a friend on the bus.

• No eating in Library or near computers.

• Students are not allowed in classrooms before and after school if the teacher is not there.




35 Paparata Road, Bombay 2675
P 09 236 1012 | F 09 236 0458 | E