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ERO Report

General Information


Bombay School is a decile 9 full primary school situated approximately one kilometre from the Bombay exit of the Southern Motorway. The roll ranges from 330 – 365 pupils. The school, with 15 operating classrooms, has grown rapidly in the last seven years despite the introduction in 2003 of an enrolment scheme, and is planning for future roll growth.  Economic activity in the Bombay area has changed recently with the majority of the land being cut into lifestyle blocks. 

The school’s motto ‘Our Best Always’ “Ake Runga” is encapsulated in all aspects of school life. The school always receives strong support from the local community, especially at Calf Club time and nearly half the students spend their entire primary education at Bombay School.

The school’s focus for 2012 is to utilise extra units to develop and implement new programmes that have been identified in the strategic plan, e.g.  Maori, Health Promoting School, sustaining Mathematics and improving Written Language school wide. The school’s spelling curriculum plans and teaching programmes will be reviewed.


Mission Statement

To provide a learning environment which will encourage our children to achieve their best always.


Vision Statement

We want our students to be:

Self motivated learners with effective interpersonal skills, able to achieve their potential using competent literacy and numeracy knowledge


Local Goals

    1. To use allocated units to develop Maori, ICT and Health Promoting Schools
    2. To improve writing levels throughout the school by employing high quality facilitators for professional development, using data effectively for improving teaching and teachers becoming more reflective in their practices.
    3. To give recognition to our Mathematics, Science and Written Language focuses, by releasing a teacher for two terms to assist with modelling and professional development.
    4. Senior School Musical Production in Term 3.
    5. To offer effective Physical Education, Sport and Fitness programmes using Kiwi Sports funding that meet the requirements of developing movement skills for all students. We are a ‘Health Promoting School’ working with the Manukau District Health Board. NAG 1 [i] [c]


In Partnership We Teach – Together We Learn


Visions / Key Competencies

Managing Self

Relating to Others

Participating and Contributing


Using Language, Symbols and Text.

Refer to this link for full picture of Bombay School’s Key Competencies and Values to be integrated into all areas of the school community.


Key Results

We expect:

The Bombay School Board of Trustees recognises the importance of the New Zealand Curriculum and its eight essential learning areas:

And the five Key Competencies:

This curriculum will challenge all students to succeed to the best of their ability.   Individual students will develop the key competencies to differing degrees and at different rates.

National Education Guidelines

National Education Goals

The Bombay School Board of Trustees recognises the ten goals for the education system of New Zealand.

Bombay School's Principles

High Expectations

Our school curriculum challenges all students to do their 'best always' in all areas through the provision of a variety of learning experiences.

Learning to Learn

Our school curriculum encourages all students to understand how they learn with reflection and self assessment being an integral process.

Treaty of Waitangi

Our school curriculum gives all students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge underpinning the principles of the Te Tiriti O Waitangi.

Community Engagement

Our school curriculum includes families and resources of the wider community through consultation and communication, to provide authentic learning contexts.

Cultural Diversity

The School does not porvide instructions in Te Reo Maori.  Pukekohe North School is the nclosest school offering this instruction.  Our school curriculum demonstrates acceptance, acknowledgement and celebration of cultural diversity and traditions within our school community.


Our school curriculum uses the New Zealand Curriculum’s values, principles and key competencies to create an integrated programme which provides a clear pathway for learning across all curriculum areas.


Our school curriculum ensures that the learning needs of Bombay School students will be met by teachers recognizing and embracing their individuality.

Future Focus

Our school curriculum prepares students for the future by focusing on on-going local, national and global issues.


Revised National Administrative Guidelines

In order to ensure that the National Education Goals are met, the board of trustees and Principal will follow sound governance and management practices involving curriculum, employment, financial and property matters applying to Bombay School and the Board of Trustees Code of Conduct.

This Charter was Ratified by the Board of Trustees on 15 February 2012.