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18 June 2018

Update: Calves

Thank you very much to all the people who filled in the Calf Club survey sent out last week and for those who attended the Home and School Meeting last night.

Calf Club is an important part of our School and our children’s learning. The arrival of Mycoplasma bovis had made us assess not only the logistics of Calf Club, but the safety of the animals and emotional welfare of our children. It was decided last night by unanimous vote that we will NOT be able to have calves at our Calf Club this year.

While we understand this will be very upsetting for some families we are thinking in the best interests of the animals, the farmers and the industry as a whole.

Goats, lambs and pigs are still options for those families who usually raise a calf. Or if any students wish to raise a chicken please contact Mrs Wilson at the office by Thursday at the latest. We have limited numbers so it will be on a “first in, first served” basis.

Gardens or Projects are also options. 

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me on 021 757 000 or email

Many thanks

Kylie Faulkner

Calf Club Co-Ordinator 2018

15 June 2018 

Calf Club
It's time to start thinking about Calf Club. You should have received our Calf Club Calendar by now.  If not, ask your oldest child to dig it from the bottom of their bag, or download from this site (6th Tab on RHS).

For those that are new, Bombay School Calf Club is traditionally a very successful, exciting event for our children and the community.  This year's calf club will be our 81st.  It is one of our biggest fundraisers but it is also a chance for country kids to raise an animal or tend a garden over a long period of time.  These skills help children to understand the role and responsibilities of the agricultural sector to our economic well being.

Calf Club provides an opportunity for our kids to develop essential qualities such as empathy, commitment, resilience, problem-solving, patience, perseverance and caring. If your child does not rear an animal (calf, lamb, goat, pig or chicken) or plant and maintain a garden, they will be expected to complete a project.  In Years 0 to 3 it is not compulsory to raise an animal or do a garden or a project. 

NB:  If your child has a chicken, they are expected to keep a diary which is judged prior to Calf Club.  See the tabs on the right-hand side for a link to the chicken diary.

Junior children (Yr 0-3) can plant seedlings for their gardens.

If you have any questions contact the office (09 2361012) or contact the calf club coordinator (Kylie) using the contact tab on the RHS.


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