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  1. For 2019 we are not recommending a specific chromebook.  We've noted that parents source these machines from a range of retailers, including online sources. The key thing to remember is that it MUST be a chromebook. We cannot support any other device on our network.
  2. What to look for: -
  3. Rugged sturdy design - can it take a beating?
  4. 4GB RAM or higher
  5. Battery Life exceeding 10 hours
  6. Noel Leeming

    PB Tech 

  7. We only support chromebooks - please do not purchase any other type of laptop for school use.
  8. The school will list second-hand chromebooks for sale on this website.  Any transaction is between the seller and purchaser.  ( The school is excluded from any sale agreement.)
  9. If you have any questions - please email

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