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Celebrating Student Achievement

Congratulations to our Year 7/8 Teams who came in 7th and 8th in last night's tough Epro8 Competition.Thank you Mr Oliphant and Mrs Batters for organising our teams.
Reporting to parents using Seesaw
Reporting to Parents using Seesaw
Congratulations to Alianah who is going up a level a week in reading recovery. When asked how she does it, she replied, "I read to everyone at home, every day".


Extract from a student's Seesaw post.

This year in kotuitui I have been in the top reading class. I am still on level 4A overall but I have improved from level 4B to level 4A on other things such as punctuation. With the gloss test I did with the teacher I have gone up a couple of levels and am reading at the age of 14.5 to 15.5.

Teacher's comment

 Tracey Weight

I think you mean Probe Test. Yes! You continue to astound me with your depth of comprehension. Keep LOVING books! 
Talented young writers receive the principal's gold sticker award.
Hearty congratulations to Millie and Storm who received GOLD stickers from Mr Petersen for their superb writing.
Look at the amazing writing that Reece, Darcy, Lachlan and Mia did.  

Update from Fabrics Tech y7 Bombay Wednesday

Today the students started the day pinning and cutting out the patterns/ fabric . Most of the students got their straps and top of their pockets sewn too. Some even managed to sew their pockets on to the main apron fabric. There was a lot of ironing and pinning with the students on task all day working well together and individually. Next lesson they will be continuing to assemble parts together to construct  and complete their aprons. They will then have a self evaluation and reflection to fill in. It was a very productive day in Fabrics Tech. They all worked so well!

Mr Steve Hunt was relieving in Hard Materials today and commented on what lovely polite students he had. He also said they all had an industrious day helping each other and working in pairs. A great day.

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