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Just a reminder about the Teacher's Strike on Wednesday 15th August - Schools will be closed for the full day.  All regular after and before school care bookings will be credited and children marked absent.  If you require Kids After School's services for this day then please book as per the following:

7am-8am        - Before care - $4

8am-3pm        - Full Day     - $29

3pm-6pm        - After Care  - $12

To book your child in for this day, please follow the link below, once you have logged in click on "make a booking" under your name, great if you have two or more children, this will allow you to book them all at the same time.  Select the children, programme and then click on "Special Day", click next.  This will take you to the booking, you will need to click the "book" button and select each child one at a time.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact the office.

Kind regards

Helena Groot

Kids After School Ltd

35 Paparata Road, Bombay 2675
P 09 236 1012 | F 09 236 0458 | E

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