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The union and professional organisation for primary and early childhood education teachers, the New Zealand Education Institute Te Riu Roa (NZEI) is running a campaign for more investment in education that addresses some of the issues our school faces. 

The vast majority of primary teachers and principals are NZEI members, so NZEI is an important voice for the teaching profession and of their experience at the “chalkface”. 

We already have a serious shortage of teachers across the country but there is a crisis approaching very shortly. There has been a 40% drop in teacher graduates in the past five years, while student numbers are growing rapidly. Bold solutions are needed to address the crisis to ensure all kids will have a teacher in coming years. 

Research shows that what works for children is smaller classes and more one-on-one learning with their teachers. The quality of teaching is the single biggest in-school impact on children’s progress and achievement, so it’s important we continue to attract high-quality people into the teaching profession. 

Schools are also facing a desperate need for more resourcing for increasing numbers of children with additional learning needs. Budget 2018 saw a welcome increase in resourcing for children with additional needs, (for example extending ORS funding to a further 250 children a year) but resourcing needs to be ratcheted up so that thousands, not hundreds of children get the support they need. 

We don’t want to end up with larger class sizes, more children with their learning needs unmet and teachers leaving the profession simply because schools aren’t resourced to do the best job they can. These issues can only be solved by providing schools with more staffing and more resourcing, and by ensuring we make teaching an attractive profession to join — and stay in. 

Public opinion research shows that there is strong support to increase spending on education, lift teacher pay, and increase support for students with additional learning needs. 

Our children should be getting an education that sets them up for life - it is what parents expect and children deserve. We think it’s time to do what works for children and invest more in education.

- (Source) (NZEI Resources)

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