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Update: One (Posted 1 August) 

* The strike will take place on August 15 2018.

* The school will be closed on 15 August but KIDS AFTER SCHOOL will be open.

* For all information please visit the It's Time - Kua tae te Wā page. 

1. Results of the ballot - what does it mean for Bombay School.
The results of the ballot, which were emailed to all members earlier today, show strong support for a full-day strike. 

Can members opt out of striking?
The vote is a binding decision, and it is expected that all teachers and principal NZEI members will join the collective actions on the 15th. 

Will our school close?

Yes, the school will close. The Board of Trustees voted to close the school.

Kids of After School service will run from the hall for the full day. If you wish to use their service please contact them.

Note: this day (lost due to the strike) does not have to be “made up” at the end of the year

Will Teachers lose pay that day?
It is up to the Secretary for Education to decide about deductions to your pay. The Ministry and Boards of Trustees will be notified that all members covered by the PPCA and PTCA are on strike for 12 hours on Aug 15, so you should not expect to be paid that day. We will ensure that any period deducted does not exceed the time you are on strike.

Strike FAQ's

2. Mediation
As part of ongoing negotiations, mediation has been underway today (1 August). There are no changes to plans for industrial action.

Community Engagement Resources are here:

Wednesday August 15 – “Day of Action”.  On strike day,  join your colleagues in public rallies and marches. Details of venues and times will be notified shortly. The impact of the strike action will be greatly increased by members turning up in force at these events. Make plans as a school teaching staff, alongside your principal, to attend together.

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