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Question One :
Do you favour the continuation of Bible in School lessons in 2018?18 responses
Yes No 22.2% 77.8%
Yes 4

You indicated yes to the question one, could you please expand on your reasons for saying yes?4 responses
good for the children to add to their learning of values.
I actually like the idea of exposing children to the morals and values addressed in the BIS sessions through very specific instruction, however I realise how difficult it is to get suitable people to deliver the programme.
I like the values that it gives the children that they may not get elsewhere.
its important for chn to be exposed to RE & as a teacher of it I love seeing the chn respond positively to each lesson & look forward to them

You indicated no to the question one, could you please expand on your reasons for saying no.14 responses
I believe that state schools should be secular.
Good morals and messages but it is very old skol and the students are disengaged. There is no control
Bible teachers do not have enough control, children disengaged during lessons, a lot not wanting to be in lesson
Too busy with an already crowded curriculum.
Think it should be done in the younger years - Juniors year 0-2
Changing cultures enrolling-one size doesn't fit.
1. I believe that we should be teaching children about all religions when we teach about cultures/countries around the world (as is taught in the UK). Then the teachers can say .. "Christians believe..." Muslims believe... Sikhs believe... This will allow our children to grow up with a more open mind, respecting the belief systems of others. We live in a multicultural society - locally and globally! 2. The current bible teaching is NOT values based (as it is claimed to be). It is based on stories from the bible which the teachers say are true. 3. It is confusing for children. 4. Many parents feel their children do not want to opt out as they will be the odd ones out. 5. This is VALUABLE time in which we could be fitting in some VALUES based teaching ourselves which are relevant to the current needs of our class. 6. TIME - We do not have enough time to fit in all areas of the curriculum and assessment needs and expectations as it is.
I feel that I could utilise the extra half an hour more productively with teaching other curriculum areas. Also we are getting more and more children opting out of doing Bible and we have to cater for these children who do not participate which is difficult when you are trying to supervise the class while the Bible teacher is taking the lesson.
quality of teaching is generally poor, it is a waste of precious school time. I'm glad I no longer have it.
The content is okay but delivery and class management not up to standard.
Children shouldn't be indoctrinated in any religon. It is a choice families make to affiliate with a belief system.
It seems more indoctrination rather than learning about religion
Sadly the Bible teachers seem to struggle with knowing expected behaviours of our children. also I don't feel some of the children are open to the message they are being given.
If kids need an introduction to the Bible (and they do), let them get it at Church.



If a decision is made to continue with Bible in School in 2018, what ideas could you share about how the school can cater for children who have opted out?14 responses
Teachers could be on a supervision roster.
Not sure
read a book, m athletics
Put in one spot such as the Library and looked after by someone who doesn't have classroom responsibilities.
Teachers, management rostered to look after them.
Hmmm. That's a toughy, as teachers are required to be in the class with bible teachers, so if we have a lot of students opting out then I guess we would have to combine classes. Then perhaps teachers actually run some values based teachings - team games, cooperative activities, drama relating to key competencies. Not ideal - but it's a wasted half hour of learning time otherwise.
Someone taking all of these children to do some work around key competencies. This is hard though because you cannot get a teacher to do this because they need to be in their classrooms during this time.
If there was a staff member available to take it, maybe a values session would be good
No idea
Have a supervised area for them???
options / extension classes
in the past Kotare have had students join rm 4/14 who do not have bible teacher



Please use this box if you have any other comments/ ideas to raise.7 responses
The curriculum is crowded. Teachers need all the time they can get to cover the curriculum. Religious instruction should be the perrogative of parents who cater for this need in their own time.
There are some teachers of BIS who deliver the programme in an engaging manner, and give children a perspective that they may not otherwise be exposed to in modern times, but unfortunately not all of the programmes are delivered equally. regard to the next question, I am surprised that it needs to be asked. Surely if this has gone out to 'staff', you would know by our names (as previously mentioned this is not an anonymous survey) if we were teachers or support staff???
Thanks for addressing this. Clearly I feel strongly that school is no longer the place for preaching Christianity in modern NZ.
If families want their children brought up in the christian faith it is their job to do it, not school.
We could replace Bible with a values and virtues programme.
RE is essential to continue particularly as some chn have had NO exposure to any form of RE from their home life
I think Bible in school as has offered a wonderful service for year but it seems like it is also hard for them to "staff" now


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